Eavestrough Calgary


Protect Your Home’s Roof & Foundation

A properly constructed and installed eavestrough system is paramount to protecting your home from water. By collecting and directing water during a downpour or rapid melt eavestroughs move the water away from the walls and foundation of your house, channeling it to a safe area where it can’t do any structural damage. TransCanada is a leader in eavestrough system design and installation, and we can make a custom one that fits all your needs.


Leak-Free Eaves

Our on-site construction of continuous eaves guarantees a custom fit and finish for your home’s water management system. We use specialty caulking to ensure your eaves will be free of leaks for years, and only the best metals which are all sourced from within Alberta.


No More Dangerous Eavestrough Cleaning or Clogged Gutters

We can install a leaf guard with your new eavestrough system which will eliminate the yearly annoyance of cleaning your gutters while standing precariously on a ladder. The principle of liquid adhesion lets water flow over the top of the guard and into the trough, while directing leaves and debris to the ground.


Improve the Look of Your Home

A sharp symmetrical eavestrough system can greatly improve the look of your home by giving it an added aesthetic element in the colour of your choosing. The neat lines it creates can accent your roof or exterior in a style that’s as unique as you.


Wayne Building Products


Polar White








Aztec Brown

Choc. Brown

Nutmeg Brown


Tile Red


Old World Blue

Heron Blue

Pacific Blue

Rustic Blue

Ivy Green


Forest Green