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Roof Repair 

14 Steps to the Perfect Roof

Trans Canada Diagram 1


1. Remove Shingles & Underlay for Recycling

2. Remove & Replace Wood Rot as Required

Wood Rot 1Wood Rot 2

3. Supply & Install New Metal Drip Edge

- Prevents water damage to roof deck

- Prevents water from leaking through soffits into walls


 Trans Canada Diagram Wrong 1     

- 95% of roofers install the drip edge this way
- Can cause serious water damage


 Trans Canada Diagram Right


4. Supply & Install Water & Ice Shield 3 Feet from the Eaves

5. Supply & Install Water & Ice Shield to the Full Valleys

-Helps prevent water leakage due to ice dams and wind-driven rain

-Slip-resistant surface for safer application

-Glass fiber reinforced for extra strength

-Self-adhesive for watertight sealing

-Self-sealing around roofing nails


6. Supply & Install Synthetic Underlay to the Whole Roof Deck

- Synthetic construction makes it inert to mold growth

- No hazardous material content – no oil leaching

- Class A Fire Rating – fire resistant

- 12X stronger then #30 felt underlay

- Low temperature flexibility


7. Supply & Install New OPEN Metal Valleys

- Closed valleys void the warranty for current architectural shingles

- Closed valleys lead to premature wear of shingles

- Closed valleys lead to greater condensation and leak risks

 Open Valleys 1Open Valleys 2



8. Inspect & if Necessary Repair the Step-flashing on Chimneys or Skylights

9. Supply & Install New Attic Ventilation Vents

10. Supply & Install New Plumbing Collars & Goosenecks

11. Supply & Install New Premium Shingles, Starters, and Capping

-Manufactured starter shingles have asphalt glue on both sides to prevent wind and water damage

-Manufactured capping shingles prevent wind and water damage

-Using BOTH satisfies IKO’s warranty

12. Clear All Gutters of Debris and Clean Them

13. Use a Magnetic Rake to Execute Full Yard and Site Clean Up

14. Give the Site One Final Inspection