Expert Calgary Contractors

Premium Products & Workmanship at an Affordable Price

The TransCanada Exteriors team has decades of home renovation experience and have evolved the company into a dynamic and trusted team of trades professionals. Working only with suppliers who reflect TransCanada’s ideals of high-quality workmanship and accountability, they’ve built the company into one of the most reputable exterior home renovators in Calgary. With their years of experience TransCanada can be trusted to do what’s right for each unique job they’re hired to execute. When you choose TransCanada, you choose premium products and workmanship at an affordable price.


Transparent Contracts & Accurate Estimates

We guarantee quality exterior work and are committed to the highest level of workmanship in the home exterior industry. We maintain a high degree of customer service and we strive to improve and evolve in all areas. We can proudly assure you that there will be no surprises when the final bill arrives, as we keep the project on track so there are no unexpected costs. We will provide you with a written contract that identifies the project in detail, and our contracts are easy to read and understand and contain no detailed fine print. We are competitive and will give you an accurate estimate which will include all material and labour. We will keep the quality of your project high and the costs low. We are so confident in our superior service that we happily invite you to compare siding or roofing prices from other companies with ours, because we know at the end of the day no can match our combination of high-quality affordability. 


Enhance Your Home's Exterior While Staying Within Your Budget

As one of the most important components of success, we understand that professionalism requires staying on budget, focusing on the project plan, and delivering on time. Our team of professionals are dedicated to enhancing your home’s exterior with the best quality products while remaining within your budget. We specialize in high-quality workmanship, and our experience ensures we recognize construction challenges as soon as they arise and possess the knowledge to rectify them immediately. We know exactly how long a project will take and the costs associated with it, and will inform you of these before we ever begin.